A Glockenbach Evening in March

Well, well… no food experiences for the last two weeks – except for selfmade hot chicken soup. I have been in bed with the flu for two whole weeks. But I can share with you some of my latest night outs, which I did not have a chance to write about yet…

So, beginning of March, we went to Glockenbach – where we had what I call a typical “Glockenbach Evening”.

For those who are not residents: Glockenbach is the trendy neighbourhood in Munich – being the gay and pub district in Munich and nowadays turning into one of the most favourite places to live for the young and hip generation. I like this part of Munich, which is like the fun place of the city with its diverse locations; at daytime non-mainstream shops mixed with a variety of eateries, at nighttime small pubs next to nightclubs. And of course the “see and be seen” of fashionable people. However, at most places the dresscode is: come as you are – just be true (which I really love about this area). Which means that at the same place guys in a hoodie & sneakers can hang out with girls in their high heels and branded bags or a group of hipsters.

So, enough of my impressions from the neighbourhood… back to my typical Glockenbach Evening. This would usually be visiting several pubs and having inbetween or as a conclusion a late night snack.


That respective evening we had the snack beforehand. But it actually was dinner rather than “snack”. We ate a variety of Hong Kong Dim Sum and the aromatic crispy duck at “CHI Hongkong Cuisine”. Latter one can either be rolled in pan cake like sheets or eaten with vegetables and rice. We have tried both versions. In my opinion the duck was too dry (altough my friends were happy with it). Together with the sauce the dish had an “aromatic”  taste, but was nothing extraordinary. So how was the Dim Sum? As a Dim Sum lover, I am always happy to find Dim Sum places in Munich – as they are rare here – and I know that I cannot expect the world’s best Dim Sum outside of China in the capital of Bavaria. The ones at CHI were ok. We have tried the Vorspeisenplatte. Even though there was a variety of Dim Sum served with it – they all tasted quite similar and missed a signature touch. If you are in the area, you definitely have a place to go, but if you are looking for some more authentic taste you are better off going somewhere else (e.g. Restaurant Chi Wan, or dumplings at LeDu).

Next we moved on to a location that has been at Glockenbach for a while, but I haven’t managed to get drinks there before: Zephyr. A really good place for Cocktails. As soon as we were inside the crowded bar we got the menu (very attentive!), which gave us a very positive impression from the second we got there. The menu was on a wooden board (how stylish!) and limited to a few drinks with a closer description of the mixtures on the board (wow!). To top everything: Each drink has its own serving glass and decoration – from holiday feeling (Poolboy) to stylish (Moscow Mule), which was topped by a crazy serving form that you have to experience by yourself (Microwave Safe). I don’t want to do any spoilers here – so I will leave the experience to you. Staff was utmost friendly – interior cool (illuminated tables) and stylish. With that evening Zephyr became one of my favourite places to go for drinks in Munich!


We had no reason for moving on, but we decided to go, because it wouldn’t be a Glockenbach evening if we stayed only in one place. So we left and ended our evening with a last drink at Schnelle Liebe. Schnelle Liebe is actually a tiny Burger place – but at this late hour we just came for a final drink in a relaxed atmosphere. We all had a Pimm’s, which is one of our favourite drinks (more on that someday later) & a Wodka Espresso Shot and were happlily ever after … for this typical Glockenbach Evening.


Chi Hongkong Cuisine, Rumfordstr. 14, Munich


Zephyr, Baaderstr. 68, Munich   http://www.zephyr-bar.de/

Schnelle Liebe, Thalkirchner Str. 12, Munich

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