Fighting Jetlag I

Fighting Jetlag – with Food, Drinks and Party.

Travelling to Malaysia & Singapore is a good option to escape some winter blues and of course – for a foodie – destinations with a lot of variety in flavors and food (I will report on that later). Even though the flight back was an overnight flight, I had faced jetlag: Waking up early and going to bed already (!) at 8 pm. What a mess! So I decided to do some party on Sat night to fight the jetlag. And I guess I succeeded by visiting a few “new” locations and in doing so staying up late. It started with dinner at



An Izagaya style restaurant, which offer Japanese “tapas” on an international level. This is a place for people looking for a good dinner with a modern touch and something unusal. Service was good, our glasses of wine were never empty, waiters were always there when you needed them and very friendly (which is unusual for Munich). Only the receptionist who seated us, had her nose a bit high in the air. We had scallops, calamari in tempura, vegetables in tempura, chicken skewer, salad… just to name a few items of our order. The scallops were sliced into half and a little rubbery and for this quality I found the price quite unacceptable (19.50 EUR for three scallops!). But all the other dishes were really good, e.g. chicken – juicy as it should be, and the Edamame: the best I ever had so far! You can order Edamame in three variations, but we have ordered only the classic version. I don’t know how they do it, maybe it is the sea salt, but it is delicious and I have had Edamame in the best Japanese places around town and can definitely say: Best in Munich.  The atmosphere is lively, but each table reserves its privacy. The dimmed lighting and “quiet” colors give you a comfortable feeling, the furniture is stylish and cosmopolitan. I fell in love with this place, so I will not only be eating there more often now, but the KOI immediately made it to my TOP ranked places in Munich.

Where? KOI, Wittelsbacher Platz 1, Munich

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