Where it all started…

Actually I have visited this place at the very end of 2014, but – as this visit gave me the idea of my Resolution – it needs to be mentioned:

The Flushing Meadows

Even though I was planning to visit this place earlier – I never made it as it is also not too obvious to visit the place for a drink. Why? Because 1. this is a hotel (if you are living in Munich certainly not needed), 2. hotel bars are usually not a hot spot and 3. because it is not too exposed. Ok, well, there are light bulbs glowing, which will tell you “you can’t miss that place”, but then that is all. No windows which will show you what you get once inside and if you don’t know that the rooftop bar is just an elevator ride away, you won’t open the rather inconspicuous entrance door or backing off seeing an empty hallway.

But once you made it to the rooftop bar – you will realize that this place is worth to be a pre-location for a long night: You can get a drink (we chose a port wine-cidre drink), relax in the comfy couch and enjoy the warmth of the chimney in winter or have an incredible view from the terrace in summer. Munich has to be thankful for this place! The city is lacking of rooftop terraces and such a place was definitely overdue & the interior will give you immediately the feeling of being “home”.

Service was friendly and we had a great time. Will definitely go there again.

Where? Fraunhofer Str. 32, Munich   http://www.flushingmeadowshotel.com/

[So I sat there, sipping my drink and felt so good to have tried a new location again that when talking about New Year’s Resolutions with my friends I decided to find more of the hidden gems Munich has to offer…]

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