New Year’s Resolution

Well, it might seem a little bit late for sharing my New Year’s Resolution for 2015. But actually having had a stressful January and being on vacation until now, I guess that can be shared with you also at this stage of year. Especially as my Resolution mainly covers what I am going to post here for the next months and it’s the reason why I thought about giving this blog a second try (my first try ended up by writing a single restaurant review… back in 2013).

Getting to the point, my Resolution is to explore places of Munich where I haven’t been yet and therefore are “new” to me. This means not ending up at the same bar, club or restaurant as usual, but striving through the fast growing variety of locations Munich has to offer. I am going to share my experiences with you. Nevertheless, I know that at some days you just have to stick with the well known and proven options (e.g. when a tourist visits you and you definitely want to give them a good time at the best places you know around town), so I will also write about those places. Since I am always looking for such myself, I hope to give you some nice tips where to find good food or a good time for your own try or, as a tourist, for your stay in Munich. New ideas of places to visit, any feedback and your experiences are more than welcome!

So, this my “why” to this blog.

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